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A one-of-a-kind company blazing global trails from the "Island of Enchantment" .

Known worldwide for delivering unmatched value to its customers, inGroup is growing strong and poised for more expansion. 


Our continued success and bold vision lies in uniquely, and expertly blending 5 core advantages.

Unmatched Value

Consistently delivering unmatched value for our Members/Customers and Partners is our top priority.

Global Velocity

Enriching lives regardless of borders has remained our focus since day one.


Constant innovation focused on technology allows us to operate more effectively, globally and profitably.


Relentlessly working to keep things simple is vital for replicating our success.

Leadership Development

Inspiring and empowering those we touch is our most important measure of success.


INGROUP INTERNATIONAL LLC was formed in San Juan Puerto Rico in 2018 to facilitate and support the founder’s vision for global expansion within the cruise industry and to develop additional value in resorts and hotel vacation options for our international clientele. 

INGROUP is now a vibrant participant in the Puerto Rico economy, empowering its growth through its ever-increasing local workforce and expanding its strong independent sales team (called Partners) all over the world. 


The current INGROUP brands reflect the company’s vision and strength as the first to market Membership model focused on the cruise industry, then expanding into hotels and resorts.


Michael "Hutch" Hutchison

Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

  • Graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.
  • Began career working with Ross Perot’s Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
  • Tony Robbins’ VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing (1987-1994)
  • Dun and Bradstreet Host of web TV show Credibility LIVE
  • Best selling author of Speaking Mastery, Stop It! and Profiles in Persistence
  • Mr. Hutchison lives in Dorado, Puerto Rico

Frank J. Codina

Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

  • Began career working with Primerica, then a Member of Citigroup
  • Co-founder of CitiSolutions Financial Limited in Spain, Ireland and UK
  • Part of leadership team that helped spinoff Primerica in 2010 on the NYSE: PRI
  • Co-founder and CEO of NEURS LLC, where he co-authored START NOW! with Dr. Denis Cauvier
  • Mr. Codina lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Our future is bright!  We’re not stopping or standing still.  We have a big vision for creating the world’s most valuable Membership club.

Today, we offer cruises and hotels/resorts through our unique and unmatched Membership offer, and tomorrow is truly unlimited.


Charitable Causes

Helping those in need is a core part of who we are.  

We regularly support Mercy Ships and other causes like Make-A-Wish. 

We recently donated more than $1million to our Partners and Members in Ukraine. 

INGROUP has been featured in worldwide publications around the world for its unique model and growth as well as charitable causes.

inGroup International was recognized by Direct Selling News (DSN) as the world's 48th largest Direct Selling Company on their 2023 Global 100 list.

inGroup sponsors Mercy Ships' Miami event, raising over $305,000 to support Sierra Leone's medical needs. With a total of $740,283.00 over three years, inGroup confirms its commitment to bringing hope and healing to those in need.

inCruises awarded Gold in Online Travel Services and Silver in Travel Agency/Advisor Categories for Donating Over $1 Million in Direct Aid for Humanitarian Relief.

inCruises awarded Silver in Travel Agency/Advisor Category for Overall Business Strategy for Surpassing One Million Members in 196 Countries.

Recently the company was featured in SeaTrade for donation over $1 million dollars to its Ukrainian releif efforts impacting the lives of thousands of its Partners and Members in Ukraine.

INGROUP also supports MAKE-A-WISH (Puerto Rico) and has recently partnered with MercyShips raising over $300,000 for this global charity.

With consistent growth, even in the midst of a challenging year for the travel industry, inCruises is positioned to sail even further into an exciting future.

inCruises just reached 1 million members worldwide across 194 countries using a subscription travel club model that’s drawing more than 90% first-time cruisers.

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